Australian place names commonly mispronounced

by IELTS Australasia — August 8th, 2018

Names with unfamiliar cultural and historical influences have become an absolute challenge to pronounce. Even for the most accomplished linguists (a person who studies and may speak different languages), phonation (the production or utterance of speech sounds) is full of confusing rules, especially in place names.

This month, check out our pronunciation guide of Australian place names to improve your travel IQ and find inspiration for your next great adventure!

Bathurst: Bath-est

Wollombi: Wol-lum-bye

Brewarrina: Brew-ar-eena

Goonoo Goonoo: Gunna g’noo

Walcha: Wol-ka

Moombooldool: Mum-bool-dool

Ballan: Ba-laan

Moe: Mow-ee

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Beaconsfield: Bec-kons-field

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Lalor: Law-ler

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Geelong: J’long

Creswick: Crez-zick

Canberra: Can-bra

Manuka: Marn-ukka

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Fairbairn: Fair-burn

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Kata Tjuta: Kah-tah choor-ta

Ubirr: O-beer-ee

Quorn: Kworn

Gumeracha: Gum-er-ack-ah

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Pooraka: P’rak-uh

Mallala: Mal-uh-lar

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Wudinna: Wood-na

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Launceston: Lon-ces-ton

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Breadalbane: Bre-dole-bin

Mandurah: Man-drah

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Wangkatjungka: Won-ka-jon-ka
Cairns: Cans

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Goodiwindi: Gunda-windy

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Capalaba: Ke-pal-eba

Mackay: Mack-eye

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