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10 fun things to do in Australia in 2020

IELTS Australasia — July 20th, 2019

Mark your calendar and tick off these fun festivals, events and traditions to make your Australian stay in 2020 an unforgettable one. Boats built of beer cans or pumpkin bowls are among the unique experiences you must try in the Land Down Under.

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Things to do in Adelaide

IELTS Australasia — December 10th, 2018

Adelaide is South Australia’s vibrant capital city and its economic, educational and cultural hub. From the "Tour Down Under" to the "Adelaide Christmas Pageant" in November, there is always something to do. Find exciting activities in Adelaide you can do this year.

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Why do we say ‘Tis the season?

IELTS Australasia — November 20th, 2018

English idioms can be tricky. You’ll probably understand every word but you might have trouble interpreting the meaning. In our idioms series, we’ll dig deeper to understand what is behind some common phrases. This time, we’ll look at why we say ’Tis the Season.

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UK place names commonly mispronounced

IELTS Australasia — August 23rd, 2017

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Top events in Sydney you can’t miss

IELTS Australasia — September 6th, 2017

Top events in Sydney you can’t miss by IELTS Australasia — September 6th, 2017 There’s so much to love about Sydney. So a little bit of planning will ensure you enjoy the best of what this beautiful city has to offer. To help kick-start your plans, here’s our hand-picked guide to the top events in…

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