IELTS Assist – get feedback on your work

by IELTS Australasia — September 26th, 2018

The role of feedback has always been central to learning English, but trying to get advice directly from your friends may be awkward!

You may get a response – but how do you know if it’s the truth? How do you know if it’s the correct advice if their level of English is similar to yours? Do they think your English is good – or are they saying so to avoid offending you?

Taking this into consideration, anonymous feedback from an expert is a good solution to remove the awkwardness for everyone involved! Those giving the feedback can offer their professional thoughts and ideas freely without restriction. Similarly, for those receiving the feedback, it becomes less personal, enabling you to accept it and learn from your mistakes.

If you plan to take the IELTS test soon and would like some expert feedback on your English skills, we recommend IELTS Assist. IELTS Assist will put you in touch with a coach who can give you expert and detailed feedback in three core areas of English to improve your performance.

Practice your writing skills and receive a personalised action plan to improve your IELTS Writing band score.