Improve your IELTS Writing score by writing a plan

by IDP IELTS — November 9th, 2016

Always read the question carefully and then spend a few minutes writing your outline as soon as you read the question in your IELTS Writing test.

These two things are essential. It’s also important to manage your time well in the test. We recommend spending a few minutes writing a short plan before you begin writing your answer.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. A plan improves your Task Response score as it enables you to think about the main points and the question before you start writing.
  2. A plan helps you structure your essay better. This will give you a higher Cohesion and Coherence score.
  3. You only have about forty minutes. Making a plan will mean you won’t have to keep stopping while you write your response to think about what you want to say.

Practice for IELTS Writing by doing three or four practice tests. Try writing a plan each time and don’t forget to time yourself. The more you practice the better your answers will be, in the time you are given to complete IELTS.

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