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    IELTS Community: support + growth = success!

    The IELTS forum is here for you to grow your English ability and cultivate useful connections in a safe, supportive online community space.

    To ensure everyone has a productive and pleasant experience in the IELTS forum, please follow the rules and guidelines on this page.


    Prohibited content

    This forum is only for English learners and IELTS test takers. It is not for the promotion or sale of any product or service. We will remove posts that promote products and services for sale, including those that offer false and fake IELTS scores.

    Global citizens

    People who take IELTS are from all over the world. Please be sensitive and appreciative of cultural differences that may exist. The forum is moderated and we respectfully reserve the right to edit or delete conversations that contain topics or language that has the potential to offend our global, multicultural participants.

    Cultural sensitivity

    We love humor, however please be sensitive! Please do express your creative side and make us all laugh – comedy is a great way to learn your way around a language and culture – but jokes that make fun of people or their culture can do real harm and make people feel uncomfortable, so take care with your words.


    The IELTS forum promotes respect. Let’s treat each other well here – we are all learning and need and deserve encouragement and support. Give compliments, build up people’s confidence – they will return your kindness, and you will feel good!


    Introduce yourself – people are the most interesting thing on earth!

    We suggest you write your (internet or first) name, country or town, where/how you are learning English, your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and your life ambitions.

    Put a photo of yourself on Gavitar and it will show up in the forum here, and in other online social spaces where you are active.

    To use the forum:

    • Hit reply to a post to answer the question /respond to contribute to the thread.
    • Upload lots of images, visual stuff is a great way to learn and communicate
    • Say thanks if people answer your question
    • Answer other people’s questions, or just respond encouragingly even if you don’t know what the answer is
    • Start a new thread with a new question


    Don’t give out any personal details, like your full name, address, phone number, email or bank details.

    Report to us any posts or anyone posting that seems unusual or makes you feel uncomfortable, by writing **attention moderator** in your post.

    Go forth and support each other to become proficient in English and do profoundly well in IELTS…

    We hope you enjoy the forum!

    – The IELTS Australia team

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