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    IELTS Australia
    IELTS Australia

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    1. Creat your interest in english first.
    2.Always connect through ielts updates.
    3.Keep in touch with those who are studying ielts.
    4.Always make notes with difficult parts
    5.Do good practice in your thoughts in English.
    I=Learn engilsh at an International level
    E=Do everything in English
    L=Take English as a language not a burden
    T=Keep Test yourself with english
    S=Set a goal

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    How to Improve Your Listening Skill #1

    To begin with, you have to look for the fun in the content you listen to.
    Thus it keeps you away from being distracted. Simple thing such as listening to your favourite song can do the magic!
    Try to catch the whole lyrics in the song and understand the meaning too.

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    How to Improve Your Reading Skill #1

    Not everyone is a big fan of reading academic publications.
    Well, don’t be discouraged! You will be surprised by what your favourite magazines or fiction novels can do.
    Reading from a preferred media can help stimulate your creative mind and cover the whole content faster.

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    How to Improve Your Speaking Skill #1

    Speaking is the least expensive thing to do among the four, therefore it should be done more often.
    Have a chat with your friends, have an argument, have a little introduction to that coffee shop patron.
    The key is to engage in a conversation, in English of course.

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    How to Improve Your Writing Skill #1

    Any of the test-takers here wish they were J.K. Rowling?
    Those books written by her had gone through a lot of editing before they went viral.
    Therefore always revise what you write and use word substitutes to improve your vocabulary.
    Practice makes money perfect!

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    For me to succeed in IELTS, we need to:
    1. Know the PURPOSE for studying IELTS to create the interest of learning
    2. get to know the FORMAT and the IELTS’ CRITERIA of how to achieve the band goal
    3. Test the IELTS for the first time to know the CURRENT LEVEL.
    4. After testing, identify the STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES for each skill.
    5. learn the TECHNIQUES and METHODS for each type of question.
    6. learn TIPS and ADVICES for the common tricks and traps.
    9. revise GRAMMAR which is a “MUST”

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    carla milena

    Speaking tips:

    1. Talk to the mirror every night, you’ll gain confidence!
    2. Improve your vocabulary and tell it in the mirror, you’ll pronounce it right. :))
    3. Be honest with what you tell in your interview, so you wont struggle making up answers.
    4. Be polite, ofcourse.
    5. Don’t be late in your scheduled interview. 🙂

    Then PRAY!

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    Commit To Study
    You should use all the free time to study. This period is a short time in the course of your life to complete a successful requirement for your future.

    Communicate And Socialise
    You can join the English speaking groups and talk with English speaking friends. Australia will be a good choice to understand their culture. Leaning a culture makes easier to understand and communicate in English. This will make the spoken words easier.

    Importantly : Be Punctual
    You must be punctual with your attendance and all study requirements.

    Finally And Most Importantly : Do The Best You Can
    You do the best you can with the abilities you have been given. Failure is not an option when you believe yourself.

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    Listening and Reading Tips:
    Listen to ‘BBC learning English‘, which is free and fun, also a good way to rich your vocabulary.
    Unless you’re 100% sure, DO NOT your answer once you’ve written down.

    Speaking Tips:
    Record what you said, then listen and write it down to correct and avoid mistakes next time.

    Speaking and Writing Tips:
    Use google to search the topic, find authentic ‘topic vocabulary’.

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    How to Improve Your Writing Skill #2

    This time you’ll need to do some research.
    Many IELTS topics can be found online which can help you to get an idea of what would be questioned in the test.
    Doing some research on those topics can help expand your knowledge and improve your essay content.

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    How to Improve Your Reading Skill #2

    When IELTS provides you with practice tests, you better take it seriously!
    The reading sections tend to have the same high difficulty and tricky questions.
    Give it a go on ALL of their samples, take notes and make your own strategy in handling the test.

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    Watch youtube video and study before you go to exam ?

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    How to Improve Your Speaking Skill #2

    To speak is easy but to speak with someone and being judged at the same time is hard.
    Ask your English-speaking teachers/colleagues/boss to have a formal conversation with you and ask them for a feedback.
    It’s always good to know what needs to be improved.

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    How to Improve Your Listening Skill #2

    Not only you should be able to catch the words other people say, you also need to know how they’re being spelt.
    There is always that one question where you need to guess the word they spell in the recording during the test.

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    To sucess in ilets, pratice is main element.

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    Hello everyone, join in all ielts pages in Facebook, Twitter etc such as ielts idp, British council and comment their every post. Listen to English podcast from British council elementary podcasts and BBC learn english podcasts etc. Practice all tests in a time frame.

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    For those busy persons preparing for the IELTS examination, here’s my personal practical tips in. I found it quite hilarious but it really did work! ????
    I deleted all the songs on my phone and replaced it with an audio of IELTS listening test. Wherever I go, I’m listening to all the tracks repeatedly and even before going to bed I had my headset on. This will improve your comprehension and listening skills. The funny thing is that my husband heard me “sleep talking” for a couple of times, but the good news was I got 7 on my listening! Another tip is that I always take a Free newspaper at my work place before and read it every day,it helped me save some money instead of buying some books and aside from being up to date with the current news, I got an 8.5 on my reading. These are my simple yet practical tips for the IELTS examination.

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