IDP’s Got Talent

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How to submit your video?

There are 4 ways you can submit your entry

  • Upload your talent video
  • Select a video from your Instagram
  • Submit the URL of your talent submission
  • Submit your YouTube talent video

Select your preference and upload your video. It’s that simple!
The three most talented candidates will be chosen. First place gets AUD $5,000 while second place wins AUD $3,000 and third place receives AUD $2,000.

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Key dates for each round

Round 1

Register your expression of interest and prove you’ve got what it takes! Tell us you’re interested in being a part of this competition.

Registration deadline: 23rd August, 2021

Round 2

Submit a video of your talent, whatever it may be! We will let you know when submissions for your talent videos open.

Submission timeline: Starts on 24th August, 2021 until 20th October 2021

Round 3

The most talented candidates will be shortlisted for the final round on 17th November, 2021. Three final winners will be announced!

The final round on 17th November, 2021


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