IELTS in Australia

IELTS in Australia

Let IELTS open doors for you in Australia

IELTS has been helping people in Australia achieve their work, study and migration goals for more than 25 years. It is the most widely used and respected measure of English skill in Australia.

IELTS for studying in Australia


Each year, more than half a million international students choose Australia as their study destination and use their IELTS score for entry into universities, schools, training schools and tertiary institutions. From our brownstone universities to our top quality regional universities, international students are spoilt for choice with Australia’s university system, which is ranked 10th in the world. Find out more about studying in Australia here.

IELTS for migrating to Australia

Clean air, beautiful beaches, a strong economy, and cultural diversities – these are just some of the reasons why so many people consider Australia the perfect place to call their new home. If you, like many others, dream of living in Australia, IELTS is just one of the tools you’ll need to secure permanent residency in Australia. Find out more about moving to Australia here.

I began to appreciate the multicultural atmosphere. I started to develop friendships with other mothers at my son’s school. I got a job at a government department using my skills and qualifications as a software engineer. I discovered that there were actually a lot of Asian grocery shops around my neighbourhood and that I could continue to cook our traditional dishes.

Australia started to feel more and more like home. I was getting increasingly sure that his was where I wanted to raise my son. I began the process of applying for permanent residency.

Namrata Patil, IT Specialist and permanent resident of Australia from India.

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