IELTS in Australia

Moving to Australia

If you’re planning on moving to Australia, you may require an IELTS test for migration and professional employment.

Migrating to Australia? You may need an IELTS test

The IELTS score you require will depend on which visa you need when moving to Australia. Find out what IELTS score you need for your Australian visa at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Before you book your IELTS test, we recommend that you check with your workplace or DIBP in order to understand the level of skill you need to demonstrate, and which version of IELTS you need.

Academic or General Training?

IELTS is unique as far as English tests go in that it offers two different versions that have slightly different questions:

IELTS Academic contains questions that relate to facts and figures, charts and data. IELTS Academic is typically required for university and college courses where the ability to interpret data, and communicate in relation to data, is important.

IELTS General Training contains questions that relate to everyday life, without the need to read or interpret charts and data. This version of IELTS is more commonly used for migration purposes, but some universities and colleges accept a General Training result for their courses also.

Find out more about the IELTS test formats.

Choosing whether to take IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training will come down to two main factors:

1. Which version of the test is needed by the institution that you are submitting your IELTS result to?
2. What type of communication is your preference? Do you like interpreting facts and figures, or do you prefer talking about everyday life?

If you don’t need an Academic result, and you prefer talking about everyday life, then the General Training test may be better suited to you.

Who accepts IELTS?

Find out which Australian employers, professional registrations, and Government departments accept IELTS, the minimum band score required for entry, and which test format you’ll need here.

Moving to Australia

I chose Australia as my study destination and applied to study education at the University of Tasmania. I felt very excited about starting a new life with new experiences – but I also went through a big culture shock. Studying in another country was very, very different.

On my third year in Tasmania, I got my permanent residency. Then I met my husband, got married and had a son. Seven years ago I came to Melbourne to seek more opportunities and for a change of life. I now have a job I enjoy advising students at RMIT University.

Wei Kito, course adviser and homestay host from China, permanent resident of Australia.

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