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IELTS is accepted by all major Australian colleges and universities as proof of English skill.

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Just like you, people choose IELTS to support their study ambitions in Australia. They know IELTS is accepted at more than 10,000 organisations globally and is the most respected test of English in the world. With IELTS, you know that your score can help you with an Australian study visa. It also helps you with entry into Australian universities, schools, training colleges and other tertiary institutions.

IELTS has 50 test venues in Australia. We know getting the results you need is important for your study in Australia. That’s why IELTS is not only is the most respected test, but we also offer you more free practice material than any other language test. IELTS services are designed to help you succeed.

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What is the required IELTS score for studying in Australia?

Most universities and academic institutions in Australia have different requirements when it comes to IELTS scores. So, what is the best way to find out what the requirements are for the course you’re interested in? Of course, you can contact the course provider directly, but you can also get in touch with an education counsellor who has access to information of multiple education providers.

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IELTS English preparation for free

If you know the IELTS requirement for your study or the score you need for your Australian student visa, you can start preparing for your test. Studying for IELTS doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Best of all: we’re here to help you succeed. IELTS makes it easy to prepare with a wide range of tools: From quick, fun advice in short video format, to expert IELTS masterclasses if you need to increase your score.

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Study for IELTS in Australia

Never underestimate the power of a good English course or coaching from a qualified English language teacher – it’s the fastest way of improving your scores! Sometimes it just takes that little bit of help from an expert to lift your skills to the next level, so take some time to develop your skills so that you can go into your next test with confidence.

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Academic or General Training

Which test do you need to study in Australia?

The IELTS Academic test has been developed if you wish to study at university or college as an undergraduate or postgraduate student or join or gain entry into a professional institution. The IELTS General Training
test has been developed to test your every-day, non-academic English.

Which IELTS test do you need?

Australian student visa

Australian study visa requirements might seem complicated, but there is some useful information regarding student visas and studying in Australia on the Australian government website. There are also providers who offer free student visa services.

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