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IELTS helps people achieve their migration goals. It is the most widely used and respected measure of English skill in Australia for study, work and migration.

Do you dream of living in Australia for work or study? IELTS is one of the key tools you’ll need to secure a place at a prestigious university and permanent residency in Australia. Learn more about IELTS for Australian immigration (and why it’s the best test for you).

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Sahel T

Computer-delivered test taker, IDP Brisbane 5 stars

“Overall it was a really good experience. I had the computer based test and really happy with the way it was conducted. The staff were all nice and friendly and it helped relieve some of the pre exam stresses. I highly recommend this centre!”

Valeria O

Computer-delivered test taker, IDP Sydney 5 stars

“Doing the Computer-delivered IELTS at IDP Sydney was an enjoyable experience. The staff were really helpful and kind. The exam room had comfortable chairs and modern computers. Overall, doing the listening test with the headphones was much better than listening to a speaker in the classroom. The speaking test was also great, as it is only the candidate and the examiner in the room. I quickly received the results 3 days after the test. For all these reasons I highly recommend it! ”

Janos V

Computer-delivered test taker, IDP Brisbane 5 stars

“This new computer based test is awesome. Helped on my listening at least 30% better. I am a very slow writer so typing gave me a huge advantage too. I would recommend this test to anyone who has similar problems. Staff were very nice and helpful too.”


completed IELTS Writing Assist 5 stars

“Thank you for the constructive feedback on my essays. This is something I have been looking for, for months, if not years… I wish I could have done this much earlier.”


Took IELTS Assist to get her score 5 stars

“In the Reading Assist Feedback, there are exact and detailed instructions about how to take actions to improve my weakness reading. I clearly got the ideas what I should do for each kind of questions within 60 minutes. I practices each type of questions several times and then did several complete reading test with a timer on. Finally, I felt I gained my confidence back. No matter what kind of questions, I can stay calm without panic.”

Foize N

Computer-delivered test taker, IDP Melbourne 5 stars

“I really appreciate how the IDP staff made me feel at home, especially during the speaking test. I was given a minute to take deep breaths and loosen up before Alex, the staff member who conducted the speaking test, turned the recorder on. He also gave a few seconds of "pep talk" to boost up my confidence, telling me that I could speak well if I were feeling relaxed. Those few seconds worked like magic! I can't thank him and the entire IDP staff enough.”