Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements

For IDP IELTS test centres in NSW

Vaccination requirements

As part of our effort to ensure safety, from 20/9/21, all test takers at IDP IELTS test centres in Sydney, Kensington and Wollongong will need to provide evidence of having at least one dose of a vaccine to sit the test. Acceptable evidence can be one of the following two documents:

  • Immunisation history statement
  • COVID-19 digital certificate

These documents can be in the form of a PDF, the Medicare app on your phone, or an official hard copy.

These are the only acceptable vaccine documents. We cannot accept any other form of evidence such as an SMS, letter or email showing your vaccine booking confirmation.

How to get your proof of vaccination

Anyone who has received at least one dose of a vaccine can get access to their vaccine documents. Please follow these instructions in your preferred language to get your proof of vaccination. These documents should be available online within 72 hours of receiving your dose.

On test day, you will need to present your vaccine document at entry to the test venue. You can simply show us a digital copy on your phone or a hard copy, and we’ll compare it to your passport.

Any documentation that is unclear, inconsistent with the standard format or otherwise cannot be verified will not be accepted.


If you have a medical reason as to why you cannot receive a vaccination, you need to obtain a medical contraindication certificate from a medical practitioner (such as your GP). This must also be approved by the test centre prior to test day. Please send your medical contraindication certificate to If your exemption is approved, you will also need to get a COVID-19 test within 72 hours before the test date. You will be asked to show the negative result SMS at entry to the venue on test day.

Where and how to get vaccinated

If you’re unvaccinated and haven’t booked your vaccination, please check the latest NSW Government vaccination advice.

If you cannot provide proof of vaccination

You will not be allowed into the test venue:

  • If you are not vaccinated and not exempt, or
  • if you are vaccinated but cannot provide the required documentation

If you have already booked your test, you can choose to reschedule to a later date when you can meet the requirements or choose to have a full refund.

If you’re from an area of concern

You are allowed to sit the test if you are from an area of concern (and follow the relevant Government restrictions), as long as you have proof of vaccination as per this policy and don’t have any potential symptoms or other risk factors.

Other COVID risk factors

Even if you’re vaccinated, you cannot sit the test or appear at a test venue if any of the following risk factors apply to you:

  • You have any potential cold/flu/COVID-19 symptoms (even if your symptoms are mild); or
  • You have been in contact with any person suspected to have been exposed to COVID-19; or
  • You are required to be in quarantine or isolation as requested by a government or health authority

Retention of your vaccine status and supporting documents

A record that your vaccine document has been sighted as well as any supporting document you send us will be kept for 28 days. If you book multiple tests more than 28 days apart, any relevant supporting documentation such as for medical exemptions or name changes will need to be resubmitted.

If you have any further questions

Please contact Services Australia if you need assistance getting your proof of vaccination. If you have any other questions about this policy, please email us at