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Stories on living and studying in Australia

We hope you had a relaxing and fun New Year. Kick start your IELTS learning in 2017 with these inspiring stories on people’s experiences and adventures living, studying, learning English and having fun in Australia.

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IELTS study tip – share and win competition

by IELTS on May 8th, 2017

Implement these study tips into your regular routine and you will soon see a difference not only in your confidence but also in your creativity!

How IELTS helps you improve your English

by IELTS Australia on January 25th, 2017

Watch Japanese test takers tell us about how IELTS gave them a method and plan for improving their overall English skills.

IELTS helps to fulfil dreams

by IELTS Australia on July 27th, 2016

At first, I thought the IELTS test was all about having to meet the requirements for migration, but the more I attended the classes the more I came to appreciate that it was preparing me as well for my new life in my new country.