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Stories on living and studying in Australia

We hope you had a relaxing and fun New Year. Kick start your IELTS learning in 2017 with these inspiring stories on people’s experiences and adventures living, studying, learning English and having fun in Australia.

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Getting to know Australia

by IELTS Australia on August 11th, 2016

I’m Ben from China. When I got off the airplane in Australia on my first day, I saw many Chinese instructions in the airport that made me feel very happy.

Achieving goals with IELTS

by IELTS Australia on July 10th, 2016

I was very happy when I was studying in Tasmania. I enjoyed my achievements, the opportunities that were available and the freedom to make my own choices. These things are so easy to take for granted, but they were things that were not available to me in China.

Four ways to keep practicing your Speaking

by IELTS Australia on December 16th, 2016

Finding situations where you can practice your English Speaking can be tough if you are surrounded by people who speak other languages.