Meet Jay from Melbourne


My name is Jay, I am from India. I live in Melbourne and I study at ALTEC College (Melbourne Campus)!

Why did you take IELTS and how did you prepare for it?

I take IELTS for my further study in Australia. I prepared for IELTS by myself and with the help of some library books for studying at home.

What is your number one tip for learning and practising English?

There are my four types of tips to learn and practice English.

  1. Meet new people every day and speak with them
  2. Work on your weakness
  3. Focus on your time
  4. Keep trying, because it is worth it!
Why you would recommend IELTS to friends and family?

Because I have given IELTS exam six times till now and I am very happy with this IELTS exam. As compare to PTE, I am really happy with IELTS. I proudly prefer my friends and family members to take IELTS in future also.