Meet Celine from Sydney


Hello, my name is Celine and I’m from Taiwan. I live in Sydney now and I’m studying Commercial Cookery and Hospitality at Evolution Hospitality Institute.

Why did you take IELTS and how did you prepare for it?

Because I need IELTS score to apply my graduate visa. I’m studying IELTS every day at least 1 hour. I always collect new vocabulary if I don’t know the meaning of the word.

What is your number one tip for learning and practising English?

In my case, I always speak to my colleagues to practice my speaking and listening, also read the newspaper to practice reading and writing.

Why you would recommend IELTS to friends and family?

In my opinion, IELTS contains so many topics, really useful in our life, especially if you live in a western country. For these reasons I would recommend IELTS to my friends.

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