Meet Jana from Melbourne


Meet Jana from Melbourne

by IELTS Australasia

My name is Jana, I am from Brazil. I live in Melbourne and I study at Ability School!

Why did you take IELTS and how did you prepare for it?

I took IELTS because for my PR visa application purposes. I took classes for IELTS preparation. Every chance I had I have been practicing on my writing and reading skills.

What is your number one tip for learning and practising English?

Watching movies and reading English books especially academic and scientific articles helped me develop my English skills.

Why you would recommend IELTS to friends and family?

When I was preparing for the test, I learnt a lot. I learned more English while preparing for IELTS than all the other classes I had. Also, the big support I had from IELTS customer service, as I received a very prompt support from IELTS team for my second IELTS test results.