Meet Simone from Brisbane


My name is Simone and I’m from Germany. I live in Brisbane and took the IELTS exam to improve my chances to get a good job.

Why did you take IELTS and how did you prepare for it?

I prepared mostly by self-studying. I borrowed several IELTS training books from the library, took a practice test every day and learned all vocabulary I did not know from the test examples. Furthermore, I used the IELTS Writing Assist to get feedback for my essays and took every opportunity to talk in English like in conversation groups and during volunteering jobs.

What is your number one tip for learning and practising English?

Listen to a local radio station and learn idioms. It is fun and improves your English a lot!

Why you would recommend IELTS to friends and family?

I would recommend IELTS not only because it is a well-recognised English language certificate but also because you learn plenty of interesting facts and can improve your general knowledge while learning with the preparation material and self-assessment tests!