Computer-delivered IELTS

Practice computer-delivered IELTS

See how computer-delivered IELTS works

Practice computer-delivered IELTS

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Before you head into your test, make sure you know how the test works. For example, these sample materials will give you an idea of what to expect in the computer-delivered Listening, Reading and Writing tests.

Computer-delivered IELTS Listening test

In the computer-delivered Listening test, the timings are slightly different from the paper-based test. Why? Because the paper-based test requires you to transfer answers to an answer sheet. This step is no longer required when answering directly on a computer.

  • Before the start of each part of the Listening test you will have some time to read the questions.
  • After the end of each part of the Listening test you will have some time to review your answers.
  • At the end of the Listening test, you will have 2 minutes to check your answers.

The timing of the Listening test is between 30 – 34 minutes long. So, start practising now!

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Computer-delivered IELTS Reading & Writing tests

The timing, format, and scoring of the computer-delivered Reading and Writing tests are the same as the tests on paper. But, there are different reading and writing tasks for IELTS Academic and General Training. There are some benefits of doing the these tests test on computer.

  • Highlight text on your screen.
  • Make digital notes and copy them to your answer
  • See the word count on your screen for the Writing test

Practice computer-delivered Reading

Practice computer-delivered Writing