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Doing IELTS on a budget


Preparing for your English test doesn’t have to be expensive. Check this video for tips.

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Doing IELTS on a budget? Here are some free support tools to help you prepare.

If you’re a student like me, you probably don’t have a heap of money to throw it to test preparation. But don’t worry getting ready doesn’t have to be expensive. Let me share a few tips that can help you prepare, without spending much money. Study with a friend! A study buddy can help motivate you and give you feedback on how you’re going. It’s also far more fun than studying alone. Read English! Read as much English as you can. You can make it fun and interesting by choosing your favourite magazine or a news website. It doesn’t always have to be your boring textbook. Listen to the radio or podcasts! Sharpen up your listening skills while you’re out and about.

If you pay attention to the speaker, you can learn from their pronunciation and you might even pick up some new words. Get on Facebook! Did you know, that IELTS essentials has about 1 million fans? That’s 1 million test-takers you can interact with and learn from. The page is also monitored by an IELTS expert, who responds to each individual question. So, head over to Facebook and join the community.

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Get free materials from It’s packed with resources to help you, like the IELTS support pack. It’s a free download with information about the tests and general advice. There’s also free sample tests and practice materials, for listening reading writing and speaking. And you can sign up for an IELTS master class. A free 90 minutes seminar, where you get to interact with an IELTS expert.  But that’s enough for me! How about you? What tips can you share? Leave a comment with your suggestions.

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