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I’ve sat the IELTS test… now what?


You’ve sat your IELTS test. What’s next? When do you get your results? View the answers here.

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I’ve set the IELTS test, now what?

Congratulations on preparing and dedicating yourself to learning English. You’ve worked hard to get to this point. Now you can close your books for a little while and relax. Your results which IELTS calls your test report form or TRF, will be available 13 days after your test day. You’ll be able to access a preview of your results online and some test centers also send you a text message. If you have any issues accessing your online result preview or you do not receive a copy of your results in the mail, contact the test centre where you set the test. The friendly test center staff will be able to help you out. Remember there are no past marks for IELTS.

Send your results to others

Each educational institution and organisation sets their own level of IELTS scores to meet their individual requirements. You’ll only receive one test report form, unless you’re applying for citizenship and immigration Canada, in which case you’ll receive two. Take care of this document. It is your official record of your English skills and you should treat it just like your passport or birth certificate. IELTS will send up to 5 copies of your TRF to institutions you listed on your application form. If you didn’t list any organizations when you applied but would like someone to receive your results, contact your test centre and they can arrange this for you. Your IELTS results are valid for a recommended period of two years. During that period, you can always go back to the test centre and ask them to send your results to a university, employer or professional body. That’s enough for me. All the best with your IELTS results.

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