IDP IELTS Test Centre Wollongong

Gwynneville NSW, Australia


Recent Google Business Reviews

What others are saying about us on Google Business Reviews.

Dorottya Petrőcz-Turu

29th July 2020 4 stars

“The centre is in a great location. Very nice staff and examiners with a good atmosphere.”

Carolin Remmers

29th July 2020 4 stars

“Everyone was really kind.”

Shebajbhai Ghanchi

14th July 2020 5 stars

“Co-operative staff I recommended for exam”

bobby Shahi

27th June 2020 4 stars

“Center closed to public transport and easy access.”

Jonathan Man

24th June 2020 4 stars

“Perfect location in doing the IELTS test. All staff members were very nice.”

Fabiana Ribeiro Da Silva

16th June 2020 4 stars

“Great service, good location and very friendly staff. Very friendly atmosphere!”

Feruz Yuldashov

31st May 2020 4 stars

“Very friendly and supportive staff and location is very convenient too. Changes made in speaking part because of Covid19, negatively affected my score with difference of 1.5 points compared to my previous score.”

Welcome to IELTS Wollongong

Since 2009 IDP Education has been delivering the IELTS test in Australian capital cities and regional areas through our network of custom-built IDP IELTS Test Centres. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to ensure our test takers have the best possible experience when taking their IELTS test with us.

IDP IELTS Wollongong offers computer-delivered IELTS and is managed by the team from IDP IELTS Sydney. Please note we only offer result pick-up via IDP IELTS Sydney.

To submit your request for a remark, also called an Enquiry on Results (EOR), please complete this form.