IDP IELTS Test Centre Wollongong

Gwynneville NSW, Australia


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14th October 2020 4 stars

“I recently took the computer-based IELTS at IDP Sydney. Overall, it was a good experience and I would recommend people choose this test centre. I'm especially happy with how the listening, reading and writing sections were conduced. Speaking test was on the same day; however, the COVID measures made the speaking test not as pleasant as usual. Some examiners might wear masks and there's a plastic divide in between you and the examiner.”

Minh Quân Đăng

13th October 2020 4 stars

“+ The test was conducted generally in a good manner + The assistants were there for help and to ensure we followed COVID 19 guidance. This was very important because I am a worker and I needed to get back to work as soon as the test was done. + The test center close to the station was a big plus However, - During the listening test, I was not informed the order of questions which was from left to right and not from the top to the bottom. This costed me some questions. - During the reading test, it was hard for me to read the final paragraphs because I couldn't scroll the passages down low enough. To cope with this, I had to bend my back down forward and brought my eyes close to the screen. . - Before starting the test, assistants forgot to mention how to adjust the chair. This ended up in a situation where I read and typed in an awkward position. - Before my speaking test, I found it uncomfortable when one of the assistants kept checking my temperature because it was high, though I had not left the test center after finishing L, R and W test. I explained to her whenever I was stressed my temperature would rise. However, she seemed confused even when I suggested her to let me go and wash my face so that I can relief some stress. Eventually, my temperature went down to an acceptable level and I have not had any Covid 19 symptoms after returning home. Despite the inconveniences, I enjoyed taking the test and luckily I got my score like I wanted. Thank you, Minh”

Hira Bhojani

7th October 2020 5 stars

“Extremely supportive team. The environment is highly appealing and comfortable. Highly recommended.”

Lijo Xavier

27th August 2020 4 stars

“Hey, Just wondering, usually how many days take to get CB IELTS result Thanks”

Chiara Pressenda

27th August 2020 5 stars

“Very pleasant experience. The staff is very helpul and they all follow a strict regulation to mantain social distancing and to help avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Overall, an excellent service.”

Dorottya Petrőcz-Turu

29th July 2020 4 stars

“The centre is in a great location. Very nice staff and examiners with a good atmosphere.”

Carolin Remmers

29th July 2020 4 stars

“Everyone was really kind.”

Welcome to IELTS Wollongong

Since 2009 IDP Education has been delivering the IELTS test in Australian capital cities and regional areas through our network of custom-built IDP IELTS Test Centres. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to ensure our test takers have the best possible experience when taking their IELTS test with us.

IDP IELTS Wollongong offers computer-delivered IELTS and is managed by the team from IDP IELTS Sydney. Please note we only offer result pick-up via IDP IELTS Sydney.

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