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IELTS is trusted, accepted and recognised by over 11,500 organisations in more than 140 countries. These include:

  • universities, TAFE and VET providers, and schools

  • government departments and immigration authorities

  • professional and industry associations

  • multinational companies and employers.

Use IELTS for your organisation

Why do organisations recognise IELTS?

Communicating in English is critical for success for people working, studying or moving to an English-speaking country. As an institution that recognises IELTS, you can efficiently assess your applicant's fluency and competency in English. IELTS helps you find the right people for your institution, profession or business. Learn how to become an organisation that accepts IELTS.

What organisations accept IELTS?

Any organisation that requires people to demonstrate a level of English language proficiency can use IELTS. Universities and the vocational sector in Australia rely on IELTS to ensure students have the English skills to succeed. The Australian Government trusts IELTS results for visas. Professional associations use IELTS for the recognition of qualified occupations.

How to become an IELTS recognising organisation in Australia?

You can register to use IELTS results if your organisation is a university, school, training organisation, government department, professional association, or multinational company.

How to set English language requirements?

Setting the correct English language requirements for applicants ensures they have the language proficiency to succeed. In our Guide for Organisations, you can read more about how to set IELTS scores. Or, you can request free in-house training.

How do organisations verify IELTS results online?

By accepting IELTS results, IELTS will give you access to its Results Verification Service. It is secure, simple to use, and free of charge. Your organisation can verify test takers' results by checking that the results you receive from applicants match those on the IELTS database. In our training events, we'll tell you more about this.

Training & Events for Organisations

  • Understand how to set English language requirements
  • Learn about security and result verification
  • Request dedicated training for your team
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