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COVID precautions for IELTS

What did we do pre-COVID? Have we learned how to pivot? Are we in isolation again, or even lockdown?

We are all experiencing life in a COVID-19 world and are all well aware of how this pandemic is impacting our lives. One positive outcome is that we are adding dozens of new words to our vocabulary, in other words, we've learned how to communicate using 'pandemic' language.

When we prepare for the IELTS test, we learn vocabulary related to our everyday life, so we can describe what we do or what we like as well as discussing other general topics. Being able to understand and use pandemic language will mean that you can communicate your ideas and feelings correctly as well as understanding what you hear and read in the news and on social media.

This blog will look at some of the language that we hear and see regularly so that you can use it confidently and accurately.

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