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From Russia to Australia

My partner and I moved to Australia on a student visa back in 2018. We came here searching for better employment opportunities and a safer future.

When the pandemic started, I was going in for my last two semesters in college. Our classes went online, and by the time we started searching for internship opportunities, most of my college’s partners had stopped recruiting.

It was a challenge to secure placement when most companies cut their budget and put operations on hold. However, an even bigger challenge was to find my first full-time job in Australia.

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Applying for a 485 visa

While searching for a job, I applied for my 485 visa. It was the easiest visa I had ever applied for – straightforward application process, minimum documents and requirements, relatively cheap compared to other Australian visas. My IELTS test results were still valid, so I simply attached the certificate to the files.

It was definitely worth the effort as once applied, we received a bridging visa, and I was allowed to work 40 hours per week instead of 20. What a relief!

Half a year into job hunting and receiving constant rejection emails, I finally got a job in Melbourne! I am so glad my efforts paid off. I am now a financially independent professional, gaining hands-on experience. The best part is, I can support my family back home.

The last two years have not been easy. It's scary to leave everyone you love behind and start from scratch, but I am so thankful that I persevered. My partner and I are now looking forward to our future in the lucky country, where we feel fulfilled, secure and optimistic.

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