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Are you planning to study and work in Canada?

From planning your move, to graduation and beyond, learn what you need to know about studying and working in Canada as an international student. Find the answer right here with our FAQs.

Immigration and the law

Content on this page is for general information on immigration to Canada and does not constitute legal advice or immigration advice. Legislation about immigration changes frequently. It’s important to check the IRCCexternal icon website for changes that may apply to you.

If you are interested in Canadian student and work visas, or looking to migrate permanently, you need to lodge an application with the Canadian Government. You may want to consider getting support from a lawyer or registered Canadian Immigration Consultant.

Source: IRCCexternal icon and EduCanadaexternal icon

Frequently asked questions

Studying and working in Canada

What are the requirements for Canadian universities?

Universities and academic institutions in Canada have different requirements. So, what is the best way to find out what the requirements are for the course you’re interested in? Contact the course provider directly to learn how to apply.

Make sure you apply at least one year in advance for a post-secondary program at a university or college. They’ll give you the list of all the documents you need to send them and will be able to tell you about the:

  • cost to apply

  • tuition fees

  • health insurance

  • rent and how much it costs to live in Canada

  • language tests

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