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IELTS Reading Assist: An official IELTS mock test for Reading

Do you want to improve your IELTS Reading band score? With practice test feedback and expert coaching, IELTS Reading Assist will enhance your reading skills to improve your test performance. 

Complete an official mock reading test and receive personalised feedback from an IELTS Expert. You get a detailed report within 3-5 days on your reading skills indicating your strengths and weaknesses, and strategies for improvement via an action plan.

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Select a version of IELTS Reading Assist Academic or General Training and add it to your cart. If you accidentally purchase a version of Assist you have already completed, please contact us so we can provide you with another version instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does IELTS Reading Assist work?

How do I register for IELTS Reading Assist?

Register for IELTS Reading Assist Academic or General Training (select a version of the IELTS Reading Assist task listed in the table above) and we’ll send you the reading tasks similar to the real test for you to complete at home.

Boost your Speaking score with official IELTS feedback

Complete a mock Speaking test and an official IELTS expert will give you a personalised action plan within 3-5 days on how you can improve.


IELTS Reading Assist

Boost your score with an official IELTS mock Reading test. Practice your reading skills and receive a personalised action plan.