Enquiry on Results

Didn’t get the results you need?

We understand the frustration of not achieving your desired IELTS band score for employment, study or migration.

If you feel that your test performance is not reflected in the score you received, you can request an IELTS review of your score (also called an IELTS remark, or IELTS Enquiry on Result). You may choose to have one or more test modules re-marked. The fee* is the same regardless.

You will be notified of the re-mark result within 2-21 days of receipt of your application. If your result is changed to a higher band score you will:

  • receive a full refund
  • be issued with a new Test Report Form

Due to the impact of COVID-19, IELTS is temporarily allowing test takers to submit a remark application for up to 90 days after their test date for centres which are currently closed.

This Enquiry on Results application form is only for test takers who have taken their IELTS test at an IDP centre**. If you have taken an IELTS test at another test centre, please contact them directly or contact us via live chat or the contact form.

*The re-mark fee is A$ 176.00 (inclusive of GST).

**IDP Adelaide, IDP Brisbane, IDP Sunshine Coast, IDP Toowoomba, IDP Cairns, IDP Port Moresby, IDP Townsville, IDP Melbourne, IDP Perth, IDP Bunbury, IDP Sydney, IDP Armidale, IDP Wagga Wagga, IDP Canberra.

Apply for an Enquiry on Results