IELTS re-mark

An Enquiry on Results

Didn’t get the results you need?

We understand the frustration of not achieving your desired IELTS band score for employment, study or migration. Good news is you can request a review (also called an IELTS remark, or IELTS Enquiry on Result) within six weeks of sitting your test.

You may choose to have one or more test modules re-marked and the fee is $176 regardless. You will be notified of the re-mark result within 2-21 days of receipt of your application. If your result is changed to a higher band score you will:

  • receive a full refund
  • be issued with a new Test Report Form


This Enquiry on Results application form is only for test takers who have taken their IELTS test at an IDP centre**. If you have taken an IELTS test at another test centre, please contact them directly or contact us via live chat or the contact form.

**IDP Adelaide, IDP Armidale, IDP Alice Springs, IDP Brisbane, IDP Brisbane Southside, IDP Bunbury, IDP Cairns, IDP Canberra, IDP Darwin, IDP Gold Coast, IDP Joondalup, IDP Kensington, IDP Melbourne, IDP Mt Lawley, IDP Perth, IDP Port Moresby, IDP Sunshine Coast, IDP Sydney, IDP Toowoomba, IDP Townsville, IDP Wagga Wagga and IDP Wollongong.

Apply for an Enquiry on Results

Do you want official feedback from IELTS?

IELTS can’t give you feedback on a real Academic or General Training test. But, we can give you feedback on mock tests. So, how does this work? You complete a mock Speaking, Writing or Reading test and receive a detailed report with tips to improve your English for IELTS.

Computer-delivered IELTS

Improve your Writing score

Complete official practice writing tasks online and receive a personalised feedback report. That way you’ll know where you can improve.

IELTS Writing Assist Online

Improve your Speaking score

Practice your speaking skills with one-on-one coaching with a qualified IELTS expert from IDP. That way you’ll know where you can improve.

IELTS Speaking Coaching

IELTS Re-mark Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an IELTS re-mark?

If you did your IELTS test at one of the following test centres, you can submit your IELTS re-mark request online:

  • IDP Adelaide
  • IDP Armidale
  • IDP Alice Springs
  • IDP Brisbane
  • IDP Brisbane Southside
  • IDP Bunbury
  • IDP Cairns
  • IDP Canberra
  • IDP Darwin
  • IDP Gold Coast
  • IDP Joondalup
  • IDP Kensington
  • IDP Melbourne
  • IDP Mt Lawley
  • IDP Perth
  • IDP Port Moresby
  • IDP Sunshine Coast
  • IDP Sydney
  • IDP Toowoomba
  • IDP Townsville
  • IDP Wagga Wagga
  • IDP Wollongong
If you can’t submit your application online

If you have taken an IELTS test at another test centre, please contact them directly or contact us via live chat or the contact form. You may need to complete a IELTS Enquiry on Results form and give this to your test centre.

How long does it take to have your IELTS test re-marked?

We understand you may need your IELTS results for study, work or migration. So, that’s why we do our best to re-mark your test as quickly as we can. We aim to provide you with the outcome for your re-mark request within a couple of days, but sometimes it may take up to 21 days to receive your results.

I received an outcome on my re-mark within 2 days. Did someone look at my test?

Yes, we look at every single re-mark request. Even if youre score did not change, IELTS will have re-marked your test. So, how come we can do this so quickly? Of course, we understand you want an outcome as soon as possible. A team of senior IELTS examiners re-mark your test. And, each senior examiner only marks one section of your test. Consequently, these examiners can mark different parts of your test at the same time. This process usually takes a few days. Getting results very quick is the same with computer-delivered IELTS.

Who re-marks my test?

A team of senior IELTS examiners will mark your test again. Of course, none of these examiners will have marked your original test. And, they also don’t know your original test score. That ensures it’s a fair re-mark.

IELTS relies on qualified IELTS examiners. They are intensively trained and monitored to ensure consistency and quality of marking, no matter where in the world the test is taken. For example, a minimum of two examiners will mark your Writing test, and sometimes even up to three or four – we do this to ensure the highest level of accuracy and fairness possible.

How do I know my test was marked fairly?
Systems and safeguards to ensure quality

We ensure that delivery of the test is both consistent and secure through rigorous training and continual monitoring of test centres and examiners.

We make sure to assess Writing and Speaking tests fairly and consistently
  • Writing and Speaking tests assessed by trained and certificated examiners
  • And, these examiners are qualified English language specialists, with substantial relevant teaching experience. They work to clearly defined criteria and are subject to extensive quality control procedures
  • Selected Speaking and Writing performances are second-marked by a team of IELTS principal examiners/assistant principal examiners who provide feedback to each examiner
  • Where there is a significant difference between a test taker’s Writing and/or Speaking score and their Reading and Listening scores, double-marking is carried out
  • Routine analysis is conducted on each test version to ensure that the performances of test materials, test takers and examiners are in line with expected standards
  • Test takers who feel that their scores do not reflect their performance may apply to have their tests re-marked by a senior examiner.

Learn more about IELTS marking criteria

How much does an IELTS re-mark cost?

The fee is $176. You have to pay this at the time you submit your re-mark request. The fee is the same whether you ask us to remark all test modules, or just one. And, we refund the fee if your scores go up.

Can my scores go down when I request a re-mark?

Your score does not go down from a remark. So, it will either remain unchanged or increase.