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Johan van Rensburg

10th July 2019 4 stars

“Very friendly and helpful.”

Ano Isaiah

8th July 2019 3 stars

“Hi there, Please allow me to raise this concern below. I might be right by saying the Academic Reading Test was bit UNFAIR comparing with others given so far and practise test that I also went through using links that were provided. Many of us also complained on this reading test. Issue was that the passages were TOO LONG to be dealt with in 1 hour together with question type where LONG PHRASES were given where you need to spend some time to understand and identify the right answer. If they were other types of questions it would be bit fair. Many didn't do well. Many gave guess answers for most of the questions. For me, I was in the first section of Passage 1 when it was announced 20 minutes has passed. So I tried to go to the passage 2 to come back later for the next section in passage 1. But since passage 2 was also long I didn't do well in that as well. So I tried to glance through passage 3 as well to see if I can get some answers correct there as time was also running out. So for most of the questions I gave guess answers. I am not trying to complain here. I should have done better on my part to get most of the questions correct but since the passages were too long together with questions types mentioned above, this put down my morale and concentration level and I didn't do well. But I believe I did well for the other 3 test accept for this reading test. I might get a low score for this but I hope it will be around 6.5 to pass this test. Please do try consider this concern for future improvement if it helps. Thanks a lot anyway to coming to Pom and running this test for us. Aipias Ano”

Ederlina Ho

5th July 2019 5 stars

“Fast and excellent!”

philomena tatireta

3rd July 2019 4 stars

“The IELTS team was amazing. Each team member showed immense professionalism whilst providing a positive vibe uniquely, ensuring the test spaces were accorded with, ticking all my expectations and more. Would definitely encourage others to take their test here in future”

Janine Müller

3rd July 2019 3 stars

“I did the academic IELTS test in Cairns. The people from IELTS were really friendly and explained all the tasks clear and loud. The only thing which was really disappointing was when I had to go to the toilet it took them at least 2 minutes or more to get me out of the room because the computer where I had to proof my fingerprint was not working as usual. So it was a waste of time and also the way to the toilet was quiet long and the lady who took me there was quiet's not good if you have a nervous bladder.”

Oranee Oranjakrin

28th April 2019 5 stars

“My experience with IELTS Cairns was great. Staff are very helpful and friendly; made me feel more comfortable with the test.”

cathy oldacre

18th April 2019 5 stars

“An excellent facility where I was given the opportunity to take a practice test, run exactly as if it were a proper test situation. Fantastic for preparation and highly recommend. Staff all very professional with kind and warm manner.”

The Test Centre’s main office is in tropical Cairns, Far North Queensland. We are located close to Cairns CBD and about 15min from the airport. Our staff are also managing IELTS testing in Townsville, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. We offer paper-based IELTS tests at all locations. In Cairns and Townsville, we provide small test rooms and try to create a more relaxed atmosphere for our customers. Tests in Port Moresby and other off-site locations are conducted at key hotels with high standards of amenities and customer service.

To submit your request for a remark, also called an Enquiry on Results (EOR), download the application form here. Then post the completed form along with your original Test Report Form to IDP IELTS Test Centres: P.O. Box 16154, Collins Street West, VIC 8007.

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