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What others are saying about us on Google Business Reviews.

Samantha Kusari

13th September 2019 4 stars

“It was great, all well organized, except we had to share an eraser.”

Jemimah Taru

6th September 2019 5 stars

“IELTS Test Centre in Cairns is always prompt and readily available to provide assistance to interested persons who wish to undertake the IELTS. Much appreciated.”

demon kliuchka

20th August 2019 5 stars

“Really professional staff as usual. Nice to have a dial with professionals.”

Susan Willie

15th August 2019 5 stars

“Amazing service! I was directed swiftly to fill in the Additional TRF form and then received my reprint at their office not long after emailing the Additional TRF Application form. Great service and there was a dog at work that day. Mega 10+ stars for the pup!”

Mckenzie Seki

8th August 2019 5 stars

“The Listening Test was a very challenging one. Being new to IELTS tests I had a simple strategy of approaching the speaking component. We were given some parts of phrases that was going to come from the audio recording, hence I had taken note of the WORDS just before the answer word that was to come from the recording…Unfortunately, the phrases read out from the record was a bit different from the one on the paper…I mean the KEY WORDS I was listening to before the ANSWER WORD was not used before the answers. They were used at different sentences, hence I had a hard time capturing the answer word…the answers came after different words, not as listed in the paper….”

Nathanael Pomat

29th July 2019 5 stars

“The tests were thorough and the IELTS team was very well organised to manage 160 Papua New Guinean candidates. It was both a painless but yet challenging experience.”

Elly Solomon

29th July 2019 5 stars

“Involving in this IELTS Test was a great experience for me. Doing IELTS test, tested my abilities in understanding English language well. It helped my way of using words i.e. there are many words that can be used for speaking and even writing but I lacked that ability. This experience will allow me to improve on my writing and speaking and I am thankful for the experience. Moreover, this was my first IELTS test and I believe I can improve in the near future if I have to sit for another test. Thank you.”

The Test Centre’s main office is in tropical Cairns, Far North Queensland. We are located close to Cairns CBD and about 15min from the airport. Our staff are also managing IELTS testing in Townsville, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. We offer paper-based IELTS tests at all locations. In Cairns and Townsville, we provide small test rooms and try to create a more relaxed atmosphere for our customers. Tests in Port Moresby and other off-site locations are conducted at key hotels with high standards of amenities and customer service.

To submit your request for a remark, also called an Enquiry on Results (EOR), download the application form here. Then post the completed form along with your original Test Report Form to IDP IELTS Test Centres: P.O. Box 16154, Collins Street West, VIC 8007.

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