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IDP Education designed the IELTS Writing and Speaking training courses to enhance teachers’ performance and effectiveness as IELTS Speaking and Writing teachers. It’s part of our commitment to support teachers. If you are an IELTS test taker, check out our free study program.

Complete the IELTS Writing training course and the IELTS Speaking training course, and you will learn how to:

  • Understand how to use the public Band Descriptors as a teaching tool

  • Become familiar with the critical features in the Speaking and Writing Band Descriptors

  • Understand why test takers don’t achieve their desired band score

  • Increase IELTS test content and assessment terminology knowledge

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NEAS Quality EndorsementThe IDP IELTS Teacher Training Program has been awarded a NEAS Quality Endorsement. It is the first Product to be Quality Endorsed as part of NEAS’ new quality Products and Services initiative, which recognises high-quality products and services that benefit the ELT community. Read more

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The IELTS Speaking training course units

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