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Preparing for my IELTS test

“The first time I took the IELTS was in July of 2020 during the on-and-off lockdown period in Melbourne and I was concerned if I could even sit the test at all."

"Despite the government restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, I was able to prepare for my exam by accessing materials through the IELTS website. The mock tests helped me get familiarised with how each session would run and how the questions would be presented. I also made it a point to reach out to my friends on the phone to practice my speaking skills, since it was virtually impossible to socialise in person. "

Pursuing a Master's degree

"A lot was riding on my IELTS results because I had to get a minimum of 7 in all bands to enrol for my Master's degree. The other option was to take an English course which I wasn't really keen on pursuing."

"Having met my required IELTS scores saved me a considerable amount of money that I would have had to spend on the tuition fees instead. What’s more, I didn't have to invest time in attending the language course. To me, completing a Master's degree means opening doors that would lead to better career opportunities. It's a lot of work but it is most definitely worth it!"

Advice for IELTS test takers

"Some unconventional but practical advice for IELTS test takers: Have a light meal before coming to the test centre; do not overwhelm or confuse yourself by watching too many how-to videos; and when the invigilators are giving instructions, take the opportunity to relax while listening so you can start the test with a calm mind.”