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Life in Canada: Day one

It was in the year 2008 that I set foot in a country I barely knew about. The country I call home is Canada, and to be specific Vancouver, British Columbia. I arrived with my family and remember feeling very excited about how my life would be like in 10 years from then. This was the start of my life in Canada.

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Life in Canada: High school

The first day of high school was intimidating for me. I was afraid it could be challenging to make friends, especially in a new environment. Thankfully, all my fears and doubts disappeared by the end of the week when I realised I was not alone. Before I knew it, I had managed to make friends from various ethnic backgrounds and cultures. 

Prior to moving to Canada, I must say I was not a very studious person. I preferred writing literature or analysing theories instead of studying math. The learning system in B.C. changed the game for me. I found myself eager about subjects that I would not have been able to learn about back in Malaysia. 

I loved that intellectual capability is not labelled in Canada. To me, this was a fantastic opportunity. It was liberating to be able to choose any subject I had an interest in and pursue it with no conditions. As a result,  I found myself on a serious study track with the help of considerate and selfless teachers. They were there to guide and help nourish our minds without any discrimination. The combination of multiculturalism and an education system that works is the best outcome I could ever have ever hoped for. It was an educational experience I am thankful and grateful for.

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Life in Canada: University and beyond

There are plenty of options for both local and international students to further their tertiary education in the country. I decided to remain in my province as I was not ready to move abroad and leave B.C. behind. After giving it some thought, I chose to take up materials engineering at the University of British Columbia

Although it was a very long and stressful road for me (five and a half years of university experience), it was definitely a rewarding one. Proud to say that I have now completed my undergraduate study and I am excited to enter the workforce. I am hopeful of what Canada has to offer.

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Why I love my life in Canada

I am proud that people in Canada are famous for their unfailing politeness – they thank every bus driver upon exiting and apologise all the time. I also love that I am surrounded by natural landscapes, great food, and a multicultural society. 

Vancouver (a.k.a “Rain-couver”) has a reputation for having wet weather. Although we have to endure those frequent rainy days, all the times we get to enjoy nature with clear blue skies and clean air make up for it. It’s what makes Vancouver a truly remarkable city to live in and grow. 

Canada shines as one of the leading countries in tackling these global issues. Our actions to promote human dignity and a fair, inclusive, sustainable and safe world make me proud. This is why I love my life in Canada.

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