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The IELTS Teacher Training program now offers teachers 40 Continuing Professional Development points on the English Australia system. It is free to all Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) who have an interest in helping students prepare for IELTS. 

The program covers training for the speaking and writing sections of the popular English language test and is delivered online using official IELTS test samples to demonstrate how tests are marked

The free program allows TESOL teachers to understand how to use the IELTS public band descriptors as a teaching tool. Importantly, it will assist in teachers understanding the common mistakes preventing some test takers from achieving their desired score. The materials are relevant for both paper and computer-delivered IELTS

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“The IELTS Teacher Training Program is yet another way of supporting IELTS test-takers,” said Warwick Freeland, Managing Director – IELTS, IDP Education. 

“The IELTS Writing and Speaking training courses have been designed to further enhance teachers’ performance and effectiveness as IELTS Speaking and Writing teachers,” Mr Freeland said. “IELTS is not only is the most respected test of English in the world, but we also offer more free practice material than any other language test.” 

“The Teacher Training Program is a perfect way of supporting teachers that support IELTS test-takers to achieve their study, work and migration goals,” he said. 

At the completion of the course, teachers receive a certificate from IDP IELTS Australia which they can then use as certification to claim their 40 CPD points from English Australia.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced IELTS teacher, or a first-time IELTS: We have everything you need. Guide your students through their IELTS test with our teaching support, including practice activities, recommended training courses and helpful IELTS teaching tips. Be an inspirational IELTS teacher to your students with these classroom activities, teaching resources and assessment tips – all designed to help you and your students achieve success with IELTS.

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Register for free IDP IELTS teacher workshops or access our online learning platform. We’ll guide you through the public band descriptors. And, we’ll give you examples of how IELTS is scored. You’ll learn valuable tips that you can use in the classroom. So, learn from IELTS experts to pass it on to your students. With IELTS, we train the trainer.

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Anything from our comprehensive guide to teach IELTS, to tailored lesson plans: we have the resources you need to teach IELTS. When you register with IELTS as a teacher, we’ll share new resources when they become available. Therefore, you’ll be the first to know when we have something new!

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Information about the IELTS test

When you teach IELTS, you want information that is up-to-date. So, why not get it straight from the source? IDP Education is one of the proud co-owners of IELTS. Consequently, we have the tools that can help you teach your students. Expertly.

Why teach IELTS

By teaching IELTS, you get to develop your English teaching career. And, at the same time, improve your employment prospects. Why? Because you can work all over the world. IELTS has test centres in more than 140 countries, which means teaching opportunities in over 140 destinations around the globe. Also, we have many test centres in Australia. We provide helpful IELTS teaching course tips and give you access to a global network of resources, workshop materials, and other IELTS teachers.