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Welcome to IELTS Prepare by IDP – your trusted guide for test day success.

Our IELTS Vodcast, or video podcast, covers everything you need to know about the test.

During this 10-part series, you’ll learn about the IELTS test structure, how to prepare, what to expect on test day and more.  

Each episode includes an interview with a different IELTS expert, who answers test taker questions and provides valuable advice on how to approach the test.  

You can access the full IELTS Vodcast series on-the-go by downloading the IELTS by IDP app -- your all-in-one app to book, prepare, and access your test results.

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  • Open the app and scroll down on the "Explore" tab, find the "Popular IELTS tools" and click on the "IDP IELTS Vodcast":

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IELTS Prepare by IDP

Whether you’re taking IELTS for the first time or aiming to improve your score, IELTS Prepare by IDP has got you covered.  

IDP is a proud co-owner of the IELTS test. Our free vodcast series is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting IELTS test takers in their preparation journey so they can achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.  

By offering accessible and convenient content with video and audio options, we’re giving you more ways to prepare that suit your needs.  

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