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How do I access free official IELTS practice material?

Achieving a great IELTS score takes time and planning. You can’t just book and take your test in a matter of days – no matter how strong your English skills are. 

Successful students create a schedule to help them study everything they need to know before they sit an IELTS test. They make time to practise all four English topics – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking – as they know that each one is different. If they have trouble with a topic, they attend a FREE Masterclass with an IELTS expert who can teach them how to improve. And, when they’re almost ready to take IELTS, they will complete as many practice tests as they can find. 

So, when there are hundreds of resources to help you study, where do you begin?

This article is designed to be your go-to guide to IELTS preparation. All of our most important materials – both free and paid – can be found on this page, divided by category. Scroll down and you’ll find everything you could possibly need, from articles about IELTS success stories to videos on the most common mistakes to avoid in your Reading test.

All of the resources below are official IELTS materials; you can trust that everything linked is trustworthy. Happy learning!

Start your study journey at IELTS Prepare

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The first page you need to bookmark is IELTS Prepare. This free tool collates the entire IELTS online catalogue in one place, so you can easily search for the resources you need without having to comb through the website yourself. You can filter results by skill, content type, test type, topic and many more. 

For instance, if you want to find IELTS materials related to Writing, simply tick the box beside ‘Writing’ and the directory will load a list of relevant resources, such as videos, webinars, common questions and online courses.

Access IELTS Prepare hub for every type of preparation

Free IELTS preparation materials

A group of three preparing for IELTS tests.

The IELTS website boasts a range of high-quality free resources to help you prepare. There are study materials to suit all learning styles, no matter whether you like to read articles, watch explainer videos or complete mock tests.

Along with information on IELTS, such as scoring and assessment criteria, you can also read about the experiences of past test takers and where their IELTS scores have taken them.

IELTS preparation guide

This comprehensive guide covers many of the most commonly asked questions about IELTS, including the difference between IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic. It’s designed to help people boost their scores.

Access the IELTS preparation guide

Face-to-face IELTS Masterclass and webinars

The IELTS Masterclass is free and designed to teach prospective test takers how to make the most of their English skills to achieve their desired band score. Each session is run by an English language specialist with expertise in IELTS. 

It will help you improve your English skills in IELTS Writing, Reading and Listening and Speaking. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask our IELTS expert anything you’ve ever wanted to know during question time!

Face-to-face sessions are currently running in some capital cities, but there are plans to expand them to other states. If you live elsewhere in Australia, keep an eye out for a location near you.

Register for a FREE IELTS Masterclass

IELTS advice articles

Whether you have questions about IELTS or English basics, you’re likely to find answers on the IELTS Blog hub. The hub is home to countless articles with tips and information for future test-takers, from your complete guide to IELTS Speaking to the success stories of past students. 

Explore IELTS blogs to help you with your preparation

Free IELTS mock test

Free mock tests for IELTS on computer (with answers)

IELTS offers dozens of free practice tests so students can see how their skills measure up. There are IELTS on computer mock tests for the four components; simply pick the method that matches what you’ve booked.

See real IELTS on computer test questions

Free mock tests for IELTS on paper (with sample answers)

If you prefer to do IELTS on paper, we have lots of sample test questions for you, too. Remember, whether you do the test on a computer or on paper, the question types are the same. That means you can use mock test questions from IELTS on computer to practise for your paper test.

You can download a mock IELTS Writing, Reading, or Listening test as a pdf file (which is easy when you want to check it later on your phone). Scroll to the end of the table.

IELTS mock test questions


General Training | Writing

Access pdf

General Training | Reading

Access pdf

Academic | Writing

Access pdf

Academic | Reading

Access pdf


Access here


Access here

Free IELTS by IDP app

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Prepare with confidence, using a personalised app experience, based on your level of skill. From articles and videos to online courses and practice tests, there's learning content for every type of preparation at your fingertips. You can expect even more enhancements that will progressively be added in future. The official IELTS app is also a free and easy way to book your IELTS test and check your test results on the go.

Experience the IELTS by IDP app now

Free information videos

Did you know IELTS has a YouTube channel? The IELTS by IDP channel hosts more than 100 informative videos and webinars. Explore the video library and you’ll find testimonials from test-takers alongside computer study tips and much more.

Visit IELTS by IDP to start your preparation journey

IELTS by IDP app

Book, prepare, and preview your results all in one place. Download the IELTS by IDP app today!

Book IELTS and get a free online course worth $80

There are countless official resources to help you get ready for IELTS and fine-tune your English skills – whether you have the budget for one-on-one tutoring or just want to upskill yourself using free materials. The key is to start early so you have plenty of time to prepare.

If you book IELTS, you’ll get access to a free online preparation course worth $80. You can pick either:

  1. One skill package: Focused on your chosen IELTS skill (Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking) with access to all premium related study materials for 30 days. 

  2. All skills package: Unlimited access to premium study materials on all four IELTS skills for 4 days.

Both packages will allow you to personalise the online course and learn at your own pace with a range of comprehensive study plans covering all sections of the IELTS Academic and General Training tests. You will be able to choose from the following materials:

  • 60+ expert-guided tutorial videos 

  • 100+ practice questions and quizzes

  • 150+ grammar and vocabulary lessons 

  • sample writing assessments with model responses 

  • speaking assessments 

  • mock tests with answers

*Free access is available for 4 days or 30 days, depending on the offer selected.

IELTS paid preparation materials

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IELTS paid preparation options are ideal for those looking to take their studies to the next level. These resources aren’t necessarily better than the free ones; they’re just more detailed and often include personalised feedback for each test-taker. Whether you’re aiming for a high band score or you’re just interested in exploring the weak parts of your English skill set, these resources may be useful.

IELTS Speaking mock test with feedback

Practising your English Speaking is much harder than Writing or Reading; that’s where Speaking Coaching comes in. The 45-minute coaching session involves a discussion with an experienced IELTS Expert and a mock Speaking test. Afterwards, you’ll receive a detailed report on your performance and advice on how to improve.

Practice IELTS Speaking and receive personalised feedback

IELTS Writing mock test with feedback

IELTS Writing Assist is an official preparation tool designed to help you boost your Writing band score. It’s an online mock test with the types of prompts you will have to respond to in the real IELTS Writing component. Three to five days after submitting your test, you’ll receive an action plan with suggestions to improve your work.

Complete an official mock writing test online and get feedback

IELTS Reading mock test with feedback

Much like Writing Assist, Reading Assist is an official mock test for the Reading component of IELTS. Complete the test and you’ll receive a personalised action plan based on your answers, with feedback and tips to strengthen your reading abilities.

Practice your reading and get feedback on your performance

How IELTS is scored?

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Before you take IELTS, it’s important to know how each component is scored. This page covers everything you need to know about IELTS band scores and marking criteria. It’s broken into the four components – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening – and explains how the overall band score is calculated.

Learn how IELTS is scored

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