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Foize N

Computer-delivered test taker, IDP Melbourne 5 stars

“I really appreciate how the IDP staff made me feel at home, especially during the speaking test. I was given a minute to take deep breaths and loosen up before Alex, the staff member who conducted the speaking test, turned the recorder on. He also gave a few seconds of "pep talk" to boost up my confidence, telling me that I could speak well if I were feeling relaxed. Those few seconds worked like magic! I can't thank him and the entire IDP staff enough.”

Valeria O

Computer-delivered test taker, IDP Sydney 5 stars

“Doing the Computer-delivered IELTS at IDP Sydney was an enjoyable experience. The staff were really helpful and kind. The exam room had comfortable chairs and modern computers. Overall, doing the listening test with the headphones was much better than listening to a speaker in the classroom. The speaking test was also great, as it is only the candidate and the examiner in the room. I quickly received the results 3 days after the test. For all these reasons I highly recommend it! ”

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